joshua payne orchestra

The Joshua Payne Orchestra is a jazz band with a street playlist.

"Looking for super-personal (if not out-and-out singular/eccentric) psych-noir interpretations of pop/blues/jazz repertoire played on bizarre guitar (and an amp that looks like a cross between a car grille and a space heater)??  Look no further than Joshua Payne and his marvelous trio.  Perfect for your every twisty occasion...." -Nels Cline, Wilco

"The Joshua Payne Orchestra takes their love of both vintage and modern music and merges them to create something contemporary and quirky. The result is a feel-good cacophony of innovative composition." -City Weekly

 "From jamming in the streets to jamming with Les Paul––this is the perfect description of what Payne is capable of." -SLUG


JPO...a jazz trio with a DJ's playlist able to spark a raging dance party or relax into a sophisticated lounge atmosphere.  In addition to imaginative original songs, JPO specializes in redesigns of hip-hop and rock hits, including artists such as Jay Z, Daft Punk, The Beatles and Radiohead.  The band can adapt to any environment, from rough-and-tumble bars to glitzy hotel ballrooms.

The trio has played well over a thousand performances together over the last 6 years including nightclubs, hotels, festivals, weddings, corporate parties, and tours.

Joshua Payne Orchestra

1328 Sutherland Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026

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Cell: 801 706 3970

instagram: jp_orchestra

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